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Advanced language lab software


The DLM Language Lab has an inbuilt all-powerful admin profile, which is password protected and controls every function of the software managing the addition/deletion of Mentor/Mentee profiles as well as classes, batches and lessons. They can even generate detailed report cards of Mentor/Mentee activities which provide invaluable insights to the institution management in evaluating the performance of not just the language lab but also the Mentor's teaching capabilities as well as the progress made by every enrolled Mentee.

Mentor / Teacher

Unlimited Mentor profiles ensure not only password-protected Mentor-access but also protects and saves each Mentor-led language lab session separately ensuring that every time a Mentor logs in, he/she is instantly and automatically taken to his/her last session and set of Mentees over whom they have absolute control. They can easily assign lessons, view and evaluate Mentee attendance, performance and progress while adding/deleting Mentee profiles as well.

Mentee / Student

The number of Mentees that can join/sign-in to a particular session is unlimited and solely at the discretion of the Mentor heading the lab session The LSRW and Mentor-led methodology of instruction ensures that every Mentee receives individual/personal attention and guidance as per their specific requirements but also that Mentees with varying comprehension levels, learning skills and/or proficiency in the language can all be accommodated at the same time in the same session unlike in a typical classroom setting. This offers both the Mentors and Mentees limitless opportunity to teach and learn efficaciously in absolute privacy.. Plus, the Mentees have access to dictionary with text-to-speech features and view their scores instantly.

Lesson Maker

This audio/video lesson-making option provided in the Mentor Console is an excellent tool to make a customized interactive and automatic quiz module. They can contain text, graphics, audio, video in the quiz. This allows teacher to use virtually any media available to create tests and evaluate the learners. Question types may include multiple choices, true/false, fill in the blanks and essay. Speaking can also be evaluated through digital recorder module. Students’ working on assignments or conversations in groups can be evaluated. Their audio recordings can be scored in and saved for evaluations.


This tool gives you the facility to conduct a paperless exam for all subjects. Reports and statistics for tests are immediately available at the end of the each session, giving the important details of the class, individual student and individual question in tabular, graphical representation or pie diagram model.


This is a tool for conducting assessment of speaking & listening test as per CBSE board. The overall purpose of the test is to help improve and standardize students’ communicative skills. The assessment of speaking and listening skills in English language in the term–end Summative I and II assessments as well as in all the Formative assessments necessitates a teacher to consciously work on these skills in the regular classroom transaction. This also calls for students to develop these skills during the course of the language learning. Any learning that takes place has to be practised and measured against a set of pre-determined standards specific to a particular class. It is imperative that students learn and practise in class, in whatever they are expected to be tested in.

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